Story Script

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Story SUmmary

In a terrible nightmare, a young Durand faces off against the powerful sorceress, Lyrith. His Rakan is defeated and he embraces attack. Suddenly, there is a burst of light! Elheil sets forth his Fire Dragon Knight. It strikes Lyrith back and saves Durand's life. 

Durand wakes, much older, his body covered in scars. His assistant Lycana pesters him about his meeting with the Magic Council. He's late. But Durand insists he's not dealing with those pesky elders before breakfast. On their way out, Durand's attention is caught by the wooden relic on his dresser. As they leave, it rumbles and falls to the floor.

We flash back to Elheil and Durand in the Magic Council Courtyard. Elheil uses the same wooden relic for a painting. He scolds Durand about his encounter with Lyrith, but Durand seems to be focused on more important things...namely, breakfast. Durand questions the 'hunk of junk' he's using to paint with, to which Elheil explains the importance of the relic...that mastering it could even stabilize the gates of the Chiruka Remains.

We flash forward to Durand as he hands his finished apple to Lycana and enters the grand hallway. He mutters his speech to himself,  takes a deep breath, and bursts open the doors in grandiose fashion...only to find it completely empty! But a dark shadow begins to fall upon the room.  A menacing airship rises over the Magic Council Castle. A lone hooded figure walks to the end of the ship's mast. With a single motion, the figure raises its hand and a gang of dark wizards descend on the town, wreaking carnage on its streets!

Lycana bursts into the Council room and alerts Durand of the attack. They're headed for the gate, she says! As they bolt through the streets, Durand uses Lycana's Communication Relic to send a message to the Council: It's the Relics they're after. They have to get to the Vrogafus Dungeon. The lone hooded figure guides the massive ship through the town, directly to the gate. As they collide, great bolts of lightning strike down. Durand and Lycana stare in awe as it crumbles.

Durand quickly summons a series of flying monsters, using them to leap higher and higher to the bow of the airship. With a BOOM Durand lands on the ship, the dark figure standing across from him.  Silhouetted by the collapsing gate, he turns and lowers his hood. Elheil stares back at him, holding the wooden relic. Durand, after a moment of confusion, locks to anger and summons his Fire Dragon Knight. Elheil summons Lyrith. The two run towards each other and meet in a flash of light!


Tone and mood

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